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Why Lyzards? Well, not just Lyzards, but Intergalactic Space Lyzards actually. And why? Because

Perhaps you're looking for the IOWA Rememberance Site or the MUD Dictionary or maybe even you want to know about Vorpal Mail.

John Prescott has decided to ignore local opinion and the High Court and give planning permission to the proposed M25 services near Downside, Cobham. We need your help.

Live near St James, South Elmham in Suffolk? Worried about the proposed Wind Farm? Get ready to protest.

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Welcome to shelob.lyzard.net - there is not much here yet. Currently Prodigy and Tornado 2 (two of my current projects) and progressing - please see the IOWA Rememberance Site for more information. I am currently looking for work, so if anything I'm doing here interests you, and you think you have an offer of interest to me, please email me.

Stuff I Like

BBC News - The best source for online news?

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Edge of Chaos online - choose a faction and fight for survival.

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Need Surrey, UK based Server Co-Location or a Managed or Dedicated Server, contact Flipside Data

Is your name Dave? Maybe www.mynamesdave.com is for you!

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Online Phonetic Translator to convert phrases (passwords etc.) into the letter names for clarification. Updated to handle (some) symbols.

Random Password Generator - generate random passwords based upon dictionary words.

SpamCheck, scan your email for spam and viruses


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